Here you can read international press articles about Trøndelag.

For articles from the german press please follow this link: 

May 2018: Meer vergezichten, mer zalm – Pasar (Belgium)

May 2018: 18 of the world’s best rail journeys – The Guardian

May 2018: 25 of Scandinavia’s best secret summer islands – The Telegraph (UK)

February 2018: Ruwe bolster, zachte wol – Seasons (The Netherlands)

October 2017: Adventures in Norway – The Sunday Telegraph

July 2017: GEO Finland (Finnish)

May 2017: Røros, il paese del rame – BELL’EUROPA (pdf) (Italian)

March 21. 2017: All aboard the REAL Polar Express – The Daily Mail

March 20. 2017: Travel review: Dovrefjell National Park Norway – The Yorkshire Post

March 17. 2017: On the trail of the ancient musk ox in Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park – The Irish News

March 2017: Vieni Anche Tu Nel Trondelag e a Trondheim – Cook_Inc (Italian)

March 2017: Explore Trøndelag (p. 66-67) – Scandinavian Traveller

February 26. 2017: La esenica de Norvegia or La esenica de Norvegia (pdf, p. 44-49) – La Vanguardia Magazine (Spanish)

February 5. 2017: Quiet time on Norway’s crinkly coast –

February 3. 2017: Norway: Return ticket to the Artic Circle –

February 2017: Exploring Norway’s north on the Nordlandsbanen – Lonely Planet

February 2017: 30 Real-life Places You Can Visit That Inspired Disney Rides – MSN News

January 14. 2017: Hooked on Norway: TV veteran John Sergeant is enthralled by a country that offers big fish and expansive scenery – The Daily Mail

January 01.2017: Wegdromen en doorstappen – Leeuwarder Courant ed. Zuid/ Dagblad van het Noorden ed. Groningen Stad (Dutch)

January 2017:  Una Miniera di Sapori // A mine of flavors or Una Miniera di Sapori // A mine of flavors (pdf.) – Touring Club Italiano (Italian)

November 30. 2016: Røros, un potosí bajo la nieve de Noruega // Røros, a potosí in the snow of Norway – Condé Nast Traveler (Spanish)

November 30. 2016: 7 alternative European winter city breaks that are cosy and affordable – Wanderlust Travel Magazine (travel tips nr. 2)

November 2016: North Star – in Korean Air magazine, MorningCalm

Autumn 2016: A Nordic Dream Gateway – Caviar Affair

October 2014: Bring on the bears – article and front page in Ryan Air magazine

June 2013: Norway’s Aquavit Trail: Discovering a Liquid Treasure –

June 2013: Celebrate the Winter Festival Rørosmartnan in Røros –

April 16.2013: A day and Night in a Mountain Cabin –

April 9. 2013: The salmon rivers of Trøndelag –

March 15. 2013: Free Weekend? Explore Trondheim – A Short Guide –

Febryary 01.2012: Where eagles dare – about wildlife and photograpfy expert Ole Martin Dahle in Flatanger – WIZZ Magazine.

December 21. 2012: Simply what Christmas is all about –

October 9. 2012: Why Norway has got it all – AnglingTimes (.pdf)

August 25. 2012: Norway`s Roros keeps reindeer recipes under wraps –

August 16. 2012: Would you go to Hell? –

August 13. 2012: How a day in Trondheim can blow your mind –

August 12. 2012: One of the oldest towns in the world, Trondheim has one of the youngest attitudes –

July 30. 2012: Norway`s Trondheim is Europe`s new `pilgrim hotspot` – BBC News